Animated Zombie Containment Unit Halloween Prop

zombie-containment-unit.jpg This is the zombie containment unit Halloween prop built by Roy Mueller using kits purchased from Hi-Rez Designs (who sell the DVDs with the animations, relay controller, as well as… Read More

Alfred — My Slippers, Please: 1989 Batman Batmobile House Slippers

batmobile-slippers-1.jpg These are the Batmobile slippers available from ThinkGeek ($50). They were designed to look like the Tim Burton Batmobile from the 1989 movie and come in small, medium and DAMN,… Read More

You Know, Just A Video Of A Guy In A T-Rex Costume Practicing For American Ninja Warrior

t-rex-ninja-warrior.jpg This is a video of athlete Reko Rivera in an inflatable t-rex costume practicing obstacles for American Ninja Warrior. Obviously, a real t-rex would never make it very far… Read More
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